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If it worked for them, it will work for you.

Hear from some of my amazing clients breaking through.
"I'm on the brink of a major life opening, and this session was instrumental in opening the door wide open."
Carolyn O.
"After my session, I felt more aware and connected to the source than before."
Sherron C.
"The profound messages from my higher self about love will stay with me forever."
Elaine M.
"I felt comfortable and connected with a well of energy waiting to reveal itself to me."
Elizabeth H.
"Alex helped me overcome spiritual blockages and feel stronger and healthier after just one session."
Sarah M.
"The experience led me to a deep understanding of who I am at the core of my soul."
Shirley H.
"In the session, I accessed memories that helped me discover my true priorities."
Victoria B.
"My QHHT session with Alex was an incredible and transformative experience."
Heather C.
"Alex showcased his talent, inspired trust, and provided valuable insight into my life and purpose."
Cat B.
"Alex helped me access past life memories and understand my soul themes for a healing experience."
Shelly W.
QHHT Overview

QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) is a holistic healing method that uses hypnosis to access the subconscious mind, explore past lives, and gain insights into current life challenges while addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.


QHHT is a powerful healing technique that employs hypnosis to access the subconscious mind and facilitate healing on all levels.


Developed in the 1960s by renowned hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon, QHHT helps individuals access their subconscious mind to explore past lives and gain insights into their present-day challenges.


During a QHHT session, the client is guided into a deep state of relaxation through hypnosis, allowing them to access their subconscious mind and connect with their higher self for guidance and healing.


QHHT offers numerous benefits, including physical, mental, and emotional healing, spiritual growth, and an enhanced understanding of one's life purpose and soul journey.


A QHHT session can lead to powerful transformations by identifying and releasing limitations, empowering you to embrace your full potential and step into a new version of yourself.
QHHT Practitioner

Meet Your QHHT Practitioner

Achieving life-changing sessions, empowering you to reach new heights on your journey of self-discovery and transformation


Following a life-altering illness and a profound spiritual awakening, I embarked on a journey to become a QHHT practitioner dedicated to empowering individuals during their transformative journeys.


Since launching my practice in January 2023, I've accumulated over 150 clinical hours of experience and am wholly committed to facilitating successful and transformative sessions for my clients.
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I allow your subconscious to guide the session, ensuring that I uncover the complete story it holds for you, rather than focusing on a specific lifetime. This approach facilitates a fully transformative healing experience.


My core values include accessibility for all, trust in the subconscious, and a deep commitment to your health and well-being. I strive to ensure that each session is a transformative and life-changing experience.
QHHT Qualifications

Delivering Exceptional Results

In just a few short months, I have successfully conducted over 30 QHHT sessions, consistently providing transformative healing and guidance for my clients.
Clinical hours of experience
Satisfaction rate
QHHT Pricing

Pricing and Packages

All sessions can be conducted in-person or via a secure online platform for your comfort and convenience. Please note that payment is due upon booking to secure your reservation. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal for your convenience.

If you're facing financial hardship, I sometimes offer a sliding scale for QHHT pricing. Please send me a message to discuss your situation.

2-Hour Mini Session

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30-minute consultation
90-minute exploration
Top questions answered
Post-session insights
Audio recording of your session
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Discounted rates
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Personalized, ongoing support
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Incredible! I thought I knew what to expect, but Alex and his natural ability took me further than I ever imagined. With grace and ease, he guided me to break through and explore new ideas. The Zoom session in my own home was surprisingly more effective. Alex is a true natural and deeply connected. I'm grateful I found him and highly recommend booking with him.

Heather C.

Alex was fantastic at making me feel comfortable with this new experience. Initially anxious, I felt a big shift within me, and thanks to Alex's guidance, I connected with a powerful energy waiting to reveal itself. After the session, I experienced tremendous expansion. I'm truly grateful for the space Alex held during the session.

Elizabeth H.

Alex is amazing! I completed my first QHHT session and his patience and insight were outstanding. I felt a genuine connection and healing during and after. I had felt spiritually blocked, but Alex helped me understand and overcome my fears. Within 30 minutes, I felt stronger, healthier, and better overall. Don't hesitate to book with Alex!

Sarah M.

QHHT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get answers to your questions About Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)
What is QHHT?
QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. It is a method of hypnosis that allows you to access your higher self and past lives to gain a better understanding of your current life and purpose.
How does QHHT work?
During a QHHT session, the practitioner will guide you into a deep state of relaxation and hypnosis. From there, they will help you access your past lives and higher self to gain insight and healing.
What can I expect during a QHHT session?
During a QHHT session, you can expect to be guided into a deep state of relaxation and hypnosis. From there, the practitioner will help you access your past lives and higher self to gain insight and healing. The session typically lasts 4 hours.
Is QHHT safe?
Yes, QHHT is safe when conducted by a trained practitioner in a safe and comfortable environment.
Can anyone be hypnotized?
Most people can be hypnotized to some degree. However, some individuals may have a harder time than others reaching a deep state of hypnosis.
What if I can't remember my past lives?
Not everyone will remember their past lives during a QHHT session. However, even if you don't remember specific details, you may still gain insight and healing from the session.
How many QHHT sessions do I need?
The number of QHHT sessions you need will depend on your individual goals and needs. Some people may only need one session, while others may benefit from multiple sessions.
Can QHHT cure physical or mental illnesses?
QHHT is not a substitute for medical treatment and cannot cure physical or mental illnesses. However, it can help you gain insight and healing on a spiritual and emotional level, which may contribute to overall wellbeing.
Will I be aware of my surroundings during a QHHT session?
During a QHHT session, you will be aware of your surroundings to some extent. However, you will be in a deep state of relaxation and hypnosis, so your focus will be directed inward.
What if I'm skeptical about QHHT?
It's normal to feel skeptical about QHHT if you have never experienced it before. However, many people have reported positive experiences and gained valuable insights through QHHT sessions. It's important to keep an open mind and be willing to explore new possibilities.
QHHT Resources

QHHT Resources for Your Journey

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